Education should not be the filling of the pail, but lighting of the fire.”

                                                                     –  William Butler Yeats

College magazine KAVISH brings  forth the creative talents of the students. The  College magazine is the mirror of consistent efforts and activities of the college.  It also provides a platform to the students to express their creative urges, thoughts and motivation which in turn develops the  writing skills of the students.  It develops the critical thinking and creativity of the  younger generation.

Editorial Board

Chief Editor : Dr. Shama Rani


Hindi Section  : Dr. Haseena Bano, Asssociate        Professor, Dept. of  Hindi, HGDC

English Section : Mrs. Neerja Verma and Dr.  Sabiha Azmi, Associate Professors, Dept. of English, HGDC

Urdu Section : Dr. Naseha Usmani, and Dr. Zareena Begum Associate ProfessorS, Dept. of Urdu, HGDC

Associate Editors

Dr. Nasreen Begum

Dr. Eram Fareed Usmani

Mrs. Hena Farheen



2019-20, 2020-21








The College publishes its Annual Magazine Kavish. As the magazine provides a platform to the students to pour forth their creative potential, the editors encourage students to write articles on issues relating to education, women empowerment, environmental hazards and other relevant subjects. The different issues of the magazine have given impetus to creative writing and has also given a boost to the morale of budding writers and poets.