Hamidia girls school was established on May 4 1932 by an eminent enlightened Woman Begum Khursheed Khwaja who felt the plight of the uneducated muslim Women of Allahabad city. She was the daughter of Nawab Sir Buland Jang Hamid Ullah Khan , former Chief Justice of Nawab Hyderabad and daughter in law of Khwaja Mohd. Yusuf a distinguished person of Aligarh and also the companion of sir Syed Ahmad Khan, her hasband was Khwaja abdul Majeed Bar At Aaw . Begum Khursheed Khwaja Started the school in the heart of the city in the house of Dr. Syed Ali Zaidi at pathar Gali Shahganj. She selected the name HAMIDIA after her father’s name Hamidulla Khan

In the beginning lost of challenges came in the way but a group of wamen came out to support her. Two gentle ladies took the charge of teaching by bearing all the expenses themselves they were Mrs. Shamshudduha Zaidi and Mrs. Madho Lal. They served the institution for a longtime and Miss D. Bewen remained principal from July 1932 to July 1935 .Soon after the managing committee of Hamidia girls school was formed.Begum Khursheed Khwaja become the first manager. And remained on the chair up to 1942.Later on an Association For The Education of Muslim women At Allahabad was formed The first president of this Ass ociation was Hon’ble Chief Justice of Allahabad High Court Sir Shah Mohd Sulaiman. He was succeeded by Begum

Reached to the Chief Minister who despite his illness accorded permission for the affiliation of the college

The first manager of the degree college was Begum Tazeen Ahsanulla and first founder president was Begum T. R. Sherwani. Mrs. Tazeen Ahsanulla took the responsibility of principal ship and worked as Honarary principal for ten years in the college from 1975 to 1985 the second principal selected on payrole was Dr. Mrs. Shakri Ghaus Usmani she had come from Imambara Gils Degree College Gorackhpur she served the institution for five years from 1985 to Sept. 1991. The third thid principal is Dr. Mrs. RehanaTariq who was selected through statutory selection committee on pay rore and still on the chair , Her career started from this college because she joinedas a lecturer in Education just after the declaration of her M.Ed result of Allahabad University in Nov. 1977. .She is the witness of all ups and downs of college . the strong and healthy point in the college to be reported and appreciated was that the new team which included principal Dr. Rehana Tariq. Manager Mrs. Tazeen Ahsanulla. President Mrs. T. R. Sherwani and Begum A. A. Khan once again worked hard for upliftment of the college with perfect confidence on each other . Manager selflessly and tiringly looked into every affair of college and dealt different problems intelligently as well as patiently as a result new schemes and subjects started adding in the college.. After gaining the status of Degree College it had manifold problems like problem of space as it was running in a small portion of Hamidia College situated in the house donated by Mehmood Jahan, another problem was of finances as it had to run by the resources of management for five years this was condition levied by the state Govt. So The whole expenses were bore by the management . in the beginning collrgr had five subjects only.

In 1980 it come under Grant in Aid system of the atate Govt. and teaching as well as non-teaching staff started getting salaries on full scale. From 1980 to 1985 four more subject added in the college viz. Araic, persion, Sociology and Hindi .

All the U.P. colleges and received B Grade. The quick and reasonable steps of the managing team could arrange 10 computer sets from Maulana afad Education Foundation to meet the requirements of these two vocational subjects. Seeing the success of these two vocational subjects U. G. C. has sanctioned there more vocational subjects 1. Fashion Desining nad Kashidakari. 2. Proficiency in Arabic Translation 3.Urdu Juonalism and Mss Communication. Girls are doing wonderful job and getting selected in defferent jobs.

The problem of space is still engulfing the progress. Though her younger brother Mr. Ajmal Khwaja donated Rs.16 lakhs for extension of building as well opening of B.Ed classes the land was purchased but to not approval of the map by A.D.A. the building could not be constructed. College has lost its two well wishers Begum A.A. Khan their loss is irreparable. Though the college has potential to have all the faculties but want of accommodation is as stumbling block.

At the moment Mrs. Resheeda khan youner sister of Mrs. T.R. Sherwani is the president Begum Tazeen Ahsanulla is the manager and Dr. Rehana Tariq is the principal of the degree college . which Mr. Tahir Hasan is the secretary of the Association This team is striving hard for the development. In the Intermediate college the principal is Mrs. Shamim Banoand Manager is Mr. Tahir Hasan.

  • Hamidia Girl’s Degree College was upgraded from Hamidia Girls Inter College to Hamidia Girls’ Degree College in 1975, the International Year of Women. The College is a typical example of growth and development.
  • It has its origin way back in 1932 when Hamidia Primary School came into being as a result of the untiring efforts of Begum Khursheed Khwaja, wife of Abdul Majeed Khwaja and a companion of Mahatma Gandhi in the Indian Freedom Struggle.
  • Mr. Abdul Majeed Khwaja and Begum Khursheed Khawaja were co-founders of Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi along with Maulana Mohammad Ali, Mahatma Gandhi, Hakim Ajmal Khan and others. The UGC has recently sanctioned a chair in the name of Abdul Majeed Khawaja at Jamia Millia Islamia University.
  • Seeing the unsatisfactory condition of the education of Muslim girls, Begum Khursheed Khawaja started a school in the densely populated area of this city with only two students.
  • Few more ladies of Allahabad joined her in this venture. Another notable figure and philanthropist to the core, Begum Mehmood Jahan donated her palatial house to Hamidia Primary School where the Inter College still exists.