Alumni Association

Alumni Association was formed on 26th February 2014 but on 14-06-2021 it was registered as “Gulistan-e-Hamidia” with the Registration No. ALL/01284/2021-22 under act 1860. The name of any institution depends on the achievement and development of students. Thus it is essential to interact with Alumni so that they contribute to the college financially and through their support service.

The purpose of Alumni Association is to instill in the students a sense of respect & dedication toward the organization, to reminisce the old times and to strengthen the new batch of students.

During the Alumni Meets hearing the success stories of the old students not only does the college feel proud of their successful career but at the same time it also motivates /inspires the present students. A large number of alumni of the college contribute dedicatedly to the each of the activities of the college including academic, social services, computer related work publication of magazines and journal .Hindi/Urdu/English typing is done by them and they also give valuable advice. Alumni are always eager to benefit their college in the form of “Support Services”. At present about 35 Alumni are working in the college with the sprit of  rendering support to the college. In this way thee students are helping to strength them the institution academically and also in other aspects.

The Alumni are guiding the enrolled students and these students participate actively in Alumni meets. Alumni have created WhatsApp group & Google forms to build a strong network of alumni. The following college teaching faculty were officially selected as members of “Gulistan-e-Hamidia”

Dr .Zareena Begum
Vice President
Dr. Shabana Aziz
Mrs. Hina Farheen
Deputy Secretary
Ms. Tazeen Fatima
Mrs. Sharmeen Fatima
Other Members
Miss. Baby Ashba
Office asstt. Cws hgdc alld.
Miss. Shazia Ghulam Ansari
Computer typing in Urdu
Miss. Rozina Ansari
Computer typing in Hindi & Library related work
Miss. Tazeen fatima
Teacher office management & software technology
Miss. Rozy mukhtar
Nvs 2016 – till date volunteery cooperate in nss
Miss. Sabeeha Noori
Guest Faculty of Med. History
Dr. Farah Hashim
Guest Faculty of Urdu
Miss. Gulafshan
Guest Faculty of Sociology
Mrs. Hena Farheen
Mrs. Hena farheen
Mrs. Sharmeen Fatima
Asstt. Prof. Dept. Of Sociology permanent hgdc alld.
Dr. Zareena Begum
Associate. Prof. Dept. Of Urdu permanent hgdc alld.
Dr. Shabana Aziz
Associate. Prof. Dept. Of Persian permanent hgdc alld.
Dr. Nuzhat Fatima
Asstt. Prof. Dept. Of Med. History permanent hgdc alld.
Miss. Baby Ashba
Urdu coaching teacher, oppointed by up Urdu Academy, lucknow
Miss. Baby Fatima
FD. Office asstt. FD. Related
Miss. Noor Fatima
FD. Office asstt. FD. Related
Miss. Tasleem
Jmc & B.Voc. work (office asstt. B.Voc.)
Online Teaching
Azra Bano
Private Teacher & Incharge of college U.D. Memorial Asravee Kala Prayagraj
Cooperate in Cultural “Academic Progamms”
Rukhsar Parveen
Safeena Zahra
Sifat Zahra
Kaneez Faatima
Nuzhat Bano
Tanveer Fatima
Nikhat Shamshi
Saleha Erum
Kahkasha Azam
Safeena samavi
Ruqaiya Bano Ansari
Cooperate in Urdu Calligraphy
Saba Parveen
Sana Ehtram
Arbia Israr
Noor Fatima