College Library

Library Services

The library provides following services to its patrons:

  • Lending Service: Lending Service provides for circulation of books to its users. Users can issue books to study at home by entering their details in the Issue/Return Register and submitting their library card at the circulation counter in the library.
  • Reference Service: The Library provides personal assistance to its users seeking information about the use of different information sources.
  • Reading Room Service: Library Reading Room provides users to read a book in a fine environment. The readers have to enter their names in the reading register and submit their reading card at the book counter to take a book from the library for reading purpose.
  • Book Bank Facility: The library provides book bank facility to all its users at the time of examination. Under this facility the users can issue a book after paying 50% of the amount of the book which is reimbursed after the user returns the book.
  • Internet Facility: The Library provides internet access facility to its members during college hours through ten (10) systems attached with LAN. The Library is also equipped with Wifi connection through which students can connect their personal laptops.
  • Periodicals Division: Library provides the facility of Periodicals Division with a separate area for magazine and newspaper reading. The division also provides a list of journals subscribed by the library through which users can locate and have access to journals.
  • Research Division: Research Division facilitates a dedicated space for the users of the library where they can connect personal laptops to carry out their research work and projects.
  • Digital Resource Section: Digital Resource Section of the library provides 20 workstations through which users can access digital books, N-LIST and various open access resources.